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Running into problems with the extension? Need help with your subscription? Mistakenly upgraded to a plan you didn't need?

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Frequently asked questions

Can I try a paid plan for free?

We currently do not offer any free trials for our paid plans.

If you really want a free trial and have a good reason for it, send us an email at and we'll see if something can be arranged.

I can't select any images: what is wrong?

It is possible that the extension has fallen out of sync with the web page you are on.

Close every Shift Pic window, refresh the web page you are on and try again.

I've downgraded my plan. Why does the extension still shows my previous plan?

When you downgrade your plan, your license remains on your previous plan until the end of your billing period, as you have already paid for this time.

Once the next billing period begins, your plan will be updated.

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Contact us at for any billing-related issues, or at for any other problem or question.
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