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Streamline your image resizing and optimizing process.

Your time is too valuable to be spent resizing and optimizing images manually. Let Shift Pic do the heavy lifting for you.

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Features overview

Size detection

Shift Pic zooms and resizes the window to different levels to figure out the ideal resolution of your image for all of the major breakpoints.

Drag & drop

Select images from your computer or simply drag them anywhere in Shift Pic's popup window to upload them and start resizing and processing them.

Batch upload

Select or drag & drop all of your images at once, and Shift Pic will optimize them all in one go. No need to spend your time selecting files one at a time anymore!

RAW & GIF support

Shift Pic supports just about every image format you'll ever have to use, including animated GIFs and RAW pictures straight out of your camera.


Shift Pic's optimization system can automatically detect the best quality level for your image in order to get the lowest file size with the smallest loss of visual quality possible.

Image search

Find the perfect images for your needs with our built-in image search powered by Unsplash, which gives you access to over a million copyright-free stock images for free.
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images optimized
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per month

100 optimizations / month
Limited format support
per month

250 optimizations / month
Improved format support
(adds support for HEIC and RAW)
per month

1500 optimizations / month
Complete format support
(includes animated GIF)
per month

unlimited optimizations
Complete format support
(includes animated GIF)
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